Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I caved. I can't believe it. I got a Kindle. I have toyed with the idea ever since they came out, thinking how convenient it would be to simply download a book whenever I wanted. But then, I'd argue that I absolutely love going to the bookstore. It really is one of my favorite things to do. I also love the feel of a real book in my hand; I love the smell, I love the glossy covers, and I love turning the pages marked by the adorable bookmarks my youngest daughter makes. I also have a bit of techno-phobia, or maybe I should call it techno-rebellion (I still don't have a facebook). But, since everyone in my family loves to read as much as I do, we have mountains and mountains of books. Our bookshelves are completely full with our favorites and most recent reads. The rest are kept in bins piled up in the garage. The other day I was trying to find a book for my daughter and I went through every bin, finally finding it in the last one. I thought if I had a Kindle, I could have just looked it up in my files. How convenient! The thought of reducing my carbon footprint weighed in on my decision as well. I have a couple of friends who feel the same way about books, but now they absolutely love their Kindles. So, I hinted that I might be ready- after all Mother's Day was coming and the family wanted some gift ideas. So, my Mother's Day gift this year was a Kindle! I am excited to give it a try, but here it is 3 days later and I have not even touched it! What's up with that? Well, I actually did take it out of the box to charge it. I think I'm still torn; maybe I'm grieving my books and feeling a little guilty for going against my techno-rebellion. So, here I am putting it in writing- I will make it a point by the end of the day to purchase my first e-book. 

Any thoughts on e-readers vs. books?

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