Friday, January 27, 2012

Goodbye Chuck! We Will Miss You!

Tonight my favorite show is coming to an end. I have loved watching Chuck these past 5 years and although I am excited to watch the series finale this evening, I am feeling very sad. I can't believe it is finally coming to an end!
Chuck is the most entertaining show to come along in years; dramatic, funny and full of exciting spy stuff and pop culture references. It is about the average guy becoming a hero and finding love.  I originally tuned in because the show's co-creator and executive producer, Chris Fedak, happens to be my very sweet and super-talented nephew-in-law. We were so excited to watch the first episode of his new show and then instantly became hooked. Since then, we've had many Chuck marathons, watching the DVD's and recorded episodes over and over again. I am proud to admit that I am the only member in my family to have danced our wacky family "Chuck" dance to the opening theme song for every single episode.

There are so many favorite Chuck moments, but my all-time favorite has to be Season 2 Episode 22, Chuck vs. The Ring. The Mr. Roboto Wedding shoot-out scene was simply the best on television, ever!

Favorite guest star? Timothy Dalton as Alexei Volkoff.

Character I miss the most? Matt Bomer as Bryce Larkin. 
No explanation needed.

Back in 2008, we got to visit the set. I'll never forget this day! We had the best backlot tour ever and the cast and crew were so incredibly nice.

Watch the 2-hour series finale on NBC at 8 ET. Even if you've never watched before!

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